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Bpifrance Financement information to Capital Market Investors. Legal financial information relating to Bpifrance Financement : securities issue programmes, issuance of securities and the annual reports of the issuer.

Legal financial information

  • Prospectus

    The Programme’s original Base Prospectus was registered with France’s Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on 27th July 2011. 

    The latest release of this Base Prospectus was registered with the AMF on 5th June 2015.

    Download prospectus, first, second and third supplements


  • Benchmark Issues : 11 750 M€

    Bpifrance Financement (formerly SA OSEO)  put  in  place a Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) Programme to tap capital markets.  Its current ceiling is 20 billion euros since december 2013. The securities issued under this framework benefit from the EPIC BPI-Groupe (ex EPIC OSEO)’s guarantee and have been rated Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service and  AA by  Fitch Ratings.


  • Annual reports

    These documents are free non binding translations ; in any case, the french language reports shall prevail

    Download the annual reports


  • Distribution By Investor Type

  • Bond Issues By Maturity Date

  • Interim Financial reports

    Semi-annual Activity Report

Other financial information

  • Investors Presentation

    Investors Presentation Bpifrance Financement, Bond Issuer

    Download the latest Investors Presentation


  • Issuing Certificates of Deposit Program

    Bpifrance Financing informs investors of deposit, with the services of the Bank of France, of two programs of issuing Negotiable Debt Security,on the domestic market, benefiting from the guarantee of the EPIC-BPI Group, is rated P1 by Moody’s Investors Service and  F1 by Fitch Ratings:

    → a program of Certificates of deposit (CD) whose emission ceiling is € 4 billion

    → a program of Negotiable Medium Term Notes (NMTN) whose emission ceiling is 4 € billion.

  • Notations

    The lastest Press Releases about Epic BPI-Group.

    Notation Bpifrance Financing is available through the following link :

    site Moody's

    site Fitch


  • Others prudential requirements

    Required prudential publications according to the eighth part of European Regulation No 575/2013