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Legal and financial information on Bpifrance Financement for capital market investors, and, particularly, on its bond issue programmes and reference documents.

Legal financial information

  • Prospectus

    The Programme’s original Base Prospectus was registered with France’s Financial Markets Authority (AMF) on July 27th, 2011. 

    The latest release of this Base Prospectus was registered with the AMF on 12 June 2020.

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  • Current Bond Outstandings : 32 426 M€

    Bpifrance Financement put in place a Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) Programme to tap capital markets.  Its current ceiling is 45 billion euros since 12 June 2020. The securities issued under this framework benefit from the guarantee of the EPIC Bpifrance and have been rated Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service and  AA by  Fitch Ratings.

    As per the EMTN Programme, Bpifrance Financement also issued a 300M £ outstanding.

    As part of the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak, the French Government and Bpifrance have announced a package of measures including a set of technical tools to shoulder enterprises impacted by coronavirus developments, to complement a State package of economic and social dispositions. Main measures are consisting of € 300 billion State guarantees on bank loans to companies, € 45 billion envelope to support businesses and employees,  a solidarity fund for micro businesses.

    Acting in close cooperation with the French banking sector, Bpifrance will manage the specific coronavirus State guaranty scheme to loans extended by Commercial banking or Bpifrance networks to enterprises, differ for 6 month most of customer cofinancing loans financial service to address tight corporate treasuries needing extra working capital during this global downturn.

    The French Government will bear the financial risks of this new guaranty scheme amounting to € 300 Billion.

    Because of the extraordinary social and economic challenges to be addressed by French Government, estimations of actual funds to mobilize as extra shouldering by Bpifrance of the French Entrepreneurs entices a possible adjustment in coming weeks. In consideration of extension of its missions, Bpifrance 2020 mid and long term funding target is increased to the level of € 7 billion (from the level of € 4 billion).

    Bpifrance has the mandate to develop French business through co-financing, providing guarantees, taking stakes in companies and backing start-ups as a venture investor. As such, the proceeds of the additional funding will be used to restructure the medium and long term loans for Bpifrance customers.

    This information will be updated, if necessary, pending to extra Government missions Bpifrance could receive.

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    These documents are free non-binding translations included for information purposes only.  The French language reference documents shall prevail.

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  • Interim Financial Reports

    Half-yearly Financial Reports

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Other financial information

  • Investors Presentation

    Overview of Bpifrance Financement, funding strategy, bond issuer activity report, financials & risk management.


    Bpifrance Financement notifies investors, through the services of the Bank of France, that it has set up two issue programmes of negotiable debt securities, on the domestic market, benefitting from the guarantee of the EPIC Bpifrance, and rated Aa2 by Moody’s Investors Service and  F1+ by Fitch Ratings:

    → the NEU CP Programme has been capped at €6 billion

    → the NEU MTN Programme has been capped at €4 billion.



    To have access to the latest ratings granted to the Programmes, please click on the following links:

    site Moody's

    site Fitch


  • Other prudential requirements

    Required prudential publications according to the eighth part of European Regulation No 575/2013


  • Covid-19 Response Bond Framework

    Covid-19 Response Bond Framework from Bpifrance Financement 

  • COVID-19 Response Bonds Presentation

    Bpifrance at a glance, Bpifrance emergency measures and response bond to Covid-19 crisis, Funding strategy

  • Indicative Calendar of Financial Communication

    This calendar is settled on by Bpifrance group’s governance and will be subject to updates, it is based on the consolidation work of the group's accounts. This calendar is provided for indicative and information purpose only, it may be subject to changes, we can never rule out changes of dates, therefore, we recommend checking them regularly on this website.