21 septembre au 02 décembre 2015

Worldwide Innovation Challenge - Start-up phase 2015

  • Concours
  • Innovation
  • International
  • Date 21 septembre au 02 décembre 2015 de 0H à 23H
Company, you have an innovative project and you want to set up your company in France ? The Worldwide Innovation Challenge selects, within the framework of a competitive process in favor of SME(s) and novel ideas, companies’ projects presenting major innovations and answering one of the eight Goals described in the report “One Principle and Seven Goals for Innovation” and its addendum. The selected projects foster a particularly strong potential for the French economy.

To select the best projects in line with the objectives of the action financed under the “Invest for the Future” programme, the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, simple and easy-to-access, will take place in 3 phases:

  • The Start-up phase
  • The Risk reduction phase
  • The Development phase

After the first phase (Start-up Phase) in 2014, 110 high-potential projects have been selected. A second phase (Risk Reduction Phase) led to the selection of 35 projects (including 25 projects form the Start-up Phase) in 2015.
These selected projects have a strong potential for French economy.

To leverage these achievements, a new Start-up phase is set up, based on 8 Goals, including the 7 initial goals and a new one on “Public security and protection against threats”!

1. The Start-Up phase

The expected projects must be led by an individual company. The selected projects must show a strong potential for French economy (such as disruptive technology, major economic spinoffs on employment, exportation, etc.)

The selected project receive support for their innovation expenses as a grant up to 200 000€.

2. Modality of inscription

To submit your application, log in on : https://extranet.bpifrance.fr/projets-innovants-collaboratifs/
The World Innovation Competition is open to worldwide firms that want to set up in France. The two conditions are: the firms must be set up in France and the project must correspond to one of the following eight Goals:

  • Goal 1: Energy storage
  • Goal 2: Collecting, sorting and recycling materials
  • Goal 3: Development of marine resources, metals and seawater desalination.
  • Goal 4: Development of plant protein-based food products and plant chemistry projects aiming to develop new materials.
  • Goal 5: Personalised medicine - Individualised targeted therapeutic interventions based, for example, on genomics, medical devices and/or high-resolution imagery.
  • Goal 6: Silver economy – answering the elderly’s needs
  • Goal 7: Big Data – Improved use of big data and definition of new usages, analytical models and promotion.
  • Goal 8: Innovation projects on public security and protection against threats.

3. Schedule

Call for proposals launched on 21st September 2015.
Call for proposals closed on 2nd December 2015 at noon.